Thank you for visiting C.S. Bindner Photography. My name is Chris Bindner and I am a concert, portrait and promotional photographer based in the Indianapolis area. I have been shooting photography since 2007 when I was given a 1970’s Yashika range finder from my mother and I started experimenting in film. I registered for night classes at a local university while simultaneously receiving training from a friend’s wife on dark room technique. As much as I loved shooting film, I purchased my first digital camera, Canon 40D, the following year. Now I was off to the races. I started shooting live shows, and I was able to land a gig as the house photographer for the Vogue Theater, a local nightclub here in Indy. I provided content for the Vogue for over a year while also shooting wedding receptions and experimenting with“darker content”.
Having an artistic outlet is the reason that I entered photography. I enjoy darker content as my way of artistic expression. As someone who grew up on metal music, horror and scifi b-movies, this; along with finding beauty in the dark, gives me an artistic drive in that format. Even though I can produce imagery with a brighter, happier tone, the balance of shadow and light will always be there. This is my Singe22.

With being engrossed in music  since I was a kid, concert photography made sense as it combined both my passion for music and photography. Being able to provide musicians and promoters images to help promote themselves along with documenting the intensity and emotion of a live set, brings me great pleasure. If we learned anything from 2020, it is that we must experience live music while we still can. There is nothing like seeing artists give it their all while performing.


I am available to shoot concert, band promo, business promo, event and portraiture for hire. Please contact me for pricing. And thank you again for visiting C.S. Bindner Photography.